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How to Keep your Wooden Watch in a Wonderful Condition

Your new wooden watch is a fashionable and eco-friendly investment. So you must take good care of it as how you would treat a brand new car or smart phone, right? The maintenance of these high quality wooden watches is imperative; although these durable watches can take tremendous amount of use, you still need to ensure that it will stand the tests of time.

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Here are a few tips to make sure your precious wooden watch will stay and last for ages in your care.

Tip 1 – Cleaning the wooden casing and the leather strap of your wooden watch.

You need to keep your wood watch clean and free from dust and dirt to keep it functioning for the many years to come. Normally, most people hardly ever take their watch off in fear of losing it or simply because they feel incomplete without wearing one. And that is understandable. But your watch comes in contact with so many objects every time you wear it. They also have all those little gaps and crevices can easily pick up unwanted debris that can be damaging for a watch, whether it be for men or luxury wood watches for women, if not washed on a consistent schedule. Here’s how you do it:

– Clean the wooden case of your watch by mixing a teaspoon of lemon juice and olive oil in a container. Then, take a q-tip and gently apply the mixture to the wood case part. Wipe away any excess mixture residue with dry cloth.

– Clean the leather strap using a damp clean cloth to wipe its entire surface. After that, gently wipe the necessary and dirtier areas. Then, apply a small amount of hand soap to help repair the color and suppleness of the leather. Finally, wipe away any excess soap from the surface. Let the leather strap dry completely before re-attaching and wearing your watch.

Tip 2 – Setting the time properly.

Many people are unaware of this fact, but when it comes to wood watches for women and men, to keep its mechanics and movement correctly functioning, it is imperative to set the time accurately. Here is how you do just that:

– Remove the wooden watch off your wrist first to lessen the application of stress on its crown. Then, gently pull out and unlock the crown. Afterwards, carefully rotate the crown until you get the correct time. It is like turning the crown away from your body. Never turn it counter-clockwise since it might have a detrimental impact on the interior mechanics of the watch. Check out WeWOOD

Tip 3 – Never expose your wood watch to High Temperatures.

Actually, even if your watch is not wooden, always avoid exposing your watches to extremely hot or cold temperatures. The wooden material, if set under abusive temperatures, becomes brittle, may splinter, or dry out and this is a natural reaction of the wooden material. Never leave your wood watch in the car during the winter or summer. The movement of your wooden watch may slow down or the time might be off.

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