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Discover 5 avoidable causes of compressor failure

There are numerous problems that can hamper proper functioning of your air conditioner. The good news is that most of these problems are not very costly to fix. The problem might be simply a wire that is loose causing a power failure or simply an air filter that is clogged impending proper flow of air in the system. However, when the compressor of your system fails, you may experience a major problem that may cost you a lot of money to fix. The compressor is an important and expensive part of your system and when it fails, air conditioner repair may not fix the problem. You may then need to invest in a new system, which is costly. Below are preventable causes of AC compressor failure:

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Electrical problems

Electrical problems may lead to acids buildup that can cause mega damage to the other parts of the system. In case the compressor of your system has failed, ensure the technicians check if these acids are present. In case the acids are there, the problem could be an electric burn out, which has damaged the entire system. This may mean buying a new unit, since air conditioner repair cannot fix this problem.  Getting quality cooling services Nashville based can help prevent electrical problems. The service provider will detect and repair the damaged fuses and wiring before the problem aggravates to damage the compressor.

Inadequate oil lubricant

The oil lubricant of your unit works similar to the blood in the body. If the lubricant is not enough, the unit will not function in the right way, and it is likely to develop so many problems, one being a failed compressor. Having a competent professional to check the level of your lubricant regularly can help prevent this problem. It can also ensure you enjoy uninterrupted heating and air conditioning Nashville has today.

Dirty coils

Mineral scales grime and dust may accumulate on the coils of the condenser making it difficult for the AC to expel adequate heat.  The system will therefore be forced to run continuously in order to keep your space warm. This leads to emission of excessive temperature and pressure that can lead to overheating and a malfunctioned compressor.

Low refrigerant charge

The refrigerant of your air conditioner may leak if the refrigeration lines of the system develop cracks and holes. After sometime, the level of the refrigerant may become very low forcing the compressor to work harder to pump sufficient refrigerant through the unit in order to cool your home. This strain may eventually lead to breakdown of the compressor. However, you can prevent this problem by hiring timely cooling repair Nashville companies provide.

Blocked suction lines

When the refrigerant lines of your air conditioner are damaged or blocked, you will first notice that your system is not cooling in the right way. In case you do not fix this problem, the increased temperature and pressure may lead to overheating and failure of the AC compressor.

Taking great care of the compressor will ensure that the system provides your home with reliable, constant cooling. You can take care of your system by hiring a competent technician to service it at least two times every year. Ensure you choose a provider with knowledge, experience and certification. Timely air conditioner repair can help eliminate problems that may lead to failure of your AC compressor. Check at

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