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4 Different Applications Of Gantry Cranes That Could Help Your Industrial Business

Gantry cranes, also known as overhead cranes, are one of the most popular types of cranes in the market. They are mostly used in indoor and outdoor manufacturing locations for applications related to material handling. If you have a manufacturing or a processing business and are thinking of easing your operations, a gantry crane could be just what you need. In this article, learn how investing in such a crane can help to move your business forward while making your day-to-day operations easier.

gantry crane

Lifting/hoisting goods in the factory

At the most basic level, a gantry crane is used to lift or hoist goods within a factory setting. This sort of mechanized handling of goods is best where the goods in question are heavy machinery that cannot be easily handled by human labour. Thanks to the use of an overhead crane, you are able to lift heavy goods that are either being assembled or serviced. Examples of such goods include car parts, boat parts, motorcycle parts, appliance parts, etc. Thanks to having a crane around, you get to reduce your labour reliance and increase work safety.

Loading and offloading raw materials & finished goods

Another handy application of a gantry crane within an industrial setting is loading and offloading. The best example of gantry cranes under such an application is in ports where they are used to load and offload containers from ships and into trucks, or vice versa. In the same way, you can have a gantry crane designed to fulfill the same task at your workplace. This can be done both indoors and outdoors. You can use the crane to move raw materials into your plant, to move finished productions out into the warehouse or both.  Such mechanized handling of your processing line improves efficiency and reduces production time.

Handling heavy tools during manufacture

Goods aside, you can also get a crane to handle your heavy tools instead. Some of the machines used in industrial settings are quite bulky and need to be handled by machines. An industrial crane can help you do just that in a practical and cost-effective way. You can get a bespoke gantry crane that has been designed to handle your specific tools installed for you. Such a crane can lift your tools up, lower them down, move them about the plant to any workstation they are needed, and so forth. Check out Millsom Materials Handling.

Handling heavy goods along the production line

Last but not least, you can also apply a gantry crane in your plant to help handle heavy goods along the production line. In this application, the crane is not used to load or offload but to hold the goods in place and then move them from one stage of production to the next. For lighter loads, you can also use jib cranes for the same function. Again, this helps to create a safer working environment for your staff by sparing them the heavy lifting tasks. It also helps with production by limiting human handling errors. Best of all, use of such overhead cranes speeds up production because such cranes can move enormous loads within no time.

This Small Plastic Gadget with Greater Utility

You might have come across a flexible, elastic, curved product resembling a cup being fastened to the wall and you hang on it materials like the key of your car and things like that. These are multi-utility objects called as suction cups. The other utilities of these cups are related to lifting the object, holding and also in moving the objects. Urban climbers use advanced versions of the cups to scale over buildings with smooth surface.

How the cup holds on to the surface…

The mechanism of the suction cups is quite interesting. As already said the cups are made of flexible elastic material and have a curved surface. When you press the centre of the cup against any hard surface, it pushes out part of the air (or water) in the cup, replicating a kind of partial vacuum inside the cup. Thereby, it creates a reduction in the volume of space between surface and the cup. Now, the pressure inside the cup is less than the pressure on the surface. Once the pressure on the cup is withdrawn, then the elastic cup gets its original form and the partial vacuum gets released.

Utility of the cup:

The suction cups are available in several designs depending on their utility. For example, there are flat cups resembling a pipe which are used in articles like vacuum jars and such other materials. Similarly, there are exclusive cups for purposes of glass handling and also in glass handling equipment Australia wide. These cups can be used for handling not only glass, but also plastic.

The other unique features of these cups are briefly explained here: 

·        There are exclusively designed cups like for example flat suction pads, Bellows suction pads, and bell shaped suction pads that are used for handling sheet metal. Each of these design cups is of varying thickness and size. In fact, there are pads made of very hard plastic which are capable of taking heavy loads, that too with higher durability.

·        Again there are exclusively designed cups that are effectively employed in jobs like jumboFlex tube lifting and also for purposes of vacuum lifting services. These vacuum sheet lifter cups have greater industrial applications. In fact, this type of cup is also being used in certain areas of lifting equipment.

·        The utility of the cups is largely felt in vacuum lifting services. In fact, they are used in various designs of vacuum lifting equipment like jumbo vacuum lifters, vacuum turning table and so on. Here again, the utility of the cup in any of vacuum lifters is directly dependent on the size and design of the cup.

·        There are exclusive cups that are used in packaging industry, in industries manufacturing DVD and such other products. There are also cups that are exclusively used in various types of high temperature applications. The suction capacity of the cups depends on its size, thickness, type of material used in its making and various other factors. More details at Millsom Materials Handling.

Cleaning needed:

This wonderful gadget plays one of the major roles in almost every industrial as well as other type of commercial applications. Some of the industries even custom design the cups depending on their specific area of application. The cups require periodical cleaning so as to retain their efficiency. The cleaning can be done using good quality soap.